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H22 Pro Series OTH 2-Way Headset


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- Stainless steal headband
- RED dynamic noise cancelling mic
- Push to talk with waterproof cover
- 3.5mm scanner/music jack
- 5 pin universal radio port
- Large comfortable ear seals
- High bend test cabling
- Easy to use volume control

Use with the following coil cords: CC-HX370, CC-ICOM, CC-KEN, CC-MAXON, CC-MOTO, CC-TEKK, and CC-VERTB.

Also compatable with the following coil cords with inline push to talk. CC-PTT-ICOM, CC-PTT-KEN, CC-PTT-MIDLAND, CC-PTT-MOTO, CC-PTT-TALK, CC-PTT-TEKK, CC-PTT-TEKK-ST, CC-PTT-VERT, and CC-PTT-VERTB - Compatible with Racing Radios, Racing Electronics, Racing Communications, Avcomm, and all other racing headset cables with 5 pin TA5FL connector.

Use with the following intercom cables: CS-9-5P, CS-16-5P, CS-3H-OFF, CC-OFF - Compatible with Avcomm, PCI Race Radios, RacerX, Procomm, MRC, and other offroad sandcar intercom systems

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