VeriCam64-13k Covert/DashCam Video Camera Pkg

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Veri-Cam Video Package Overview

The intent of the Veri-Cam is to offer a video capture solution for people in law enforcement, fire, insurance or any individual or profession that wants to capture high quality HD concealed video and audio via the use of a clipboard. To add versatility the camera can also be used as a Dashcam, or to capture video inside of the vehicle; or with use of the hat clip (or alike), can be used as body worn hands free A/V recorder.

The proprietary magnet mounting system allows the camera to be quickly and easily moved from one application to another (i.e. dashcam/clipboard/weapon/hatclip, etc), while maintaining a very strong, secure mounting solution. This easy mounting system makes the Veri-Cam the most cost effective, versatile HD audio/video solution on the market!


Utilizing the windshield mount the Veri-Cam makes an excellent dashcam, or spin it around to capture the occupants and conversations inside the vehicle. Ready to approach a residence, simply open the clipboard, unplug the camera from the vehicle, pull from the mount, and place inside the clipboad, press the button and you're ready to go. Return to the vehicle and remove camera from clipboard, place on windhshield mount, plug in the cable and you're done. In Dashcam mode, every time the car starts you are recording.

P.E.D. Products offers full support to our customers along with a high quality product. Please contact us for more product information. Also feel free to contact us for your custom applications.

(Veri-Cam overview doc available in pdf on DOWNLOADS tab above)

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