Mobius Mini Action Video Camera, Standard Package


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Mobius Mini standard package

Pictured above is the Mobius Mini Standard camera package (memory is optional but recommended)

The new Mobius Mini video camera is the next generation of high quality, small, rugged and versatile HD video cameras! This mini camera is capable of capturing 3K video @ 30fps, 1080 video @ 60fps, 720 video @ 120fps. It has a high quality lens assembly capable of capturing 110 degrees FOV. Among one of the many user configurable features it also has image stabilization

All these features and more in a mini package size weighing in at just under 1oz and measuring just over 1in x 2in x 0.5in. The removable standard tripod mount (1/4-20 thread) makes for a very thin package (also allows use of the Pro2 mounting system), ideal for RC/drone applications, along with the ability to externally power the Mobius Mini and the video-out feature.

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