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ActionCamNX Mounting Sleeve Package


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The ActionCamNX Mounting Sleeve Package contains the same great mounts included in the ActionCamNX package, the “V” Bar mount & the Magnet mount.

The “V” mount creates a quick, simple, low profile lite mounting solution to mount the camera to a bar or cylindrical shaped object; such as handle bars, roll bar, gun scope, bow stabilizer, etc. The mount can be positioned in two orientations on the mounting sleeve and can be fastened with either ty-wraps or 3/32 rubber o-rings.

The Magnet mounts utilizes (3) super strong Neodymium magnets in a triangular shaped housing for easy location/docking in special mounts such as the Hat Clip and Bow mount. This Magnet mount provides a quick, easy, strong, low profile mounting solution for the ActionCamNX camera. It also allows the camera to be quickly and easily moved from one location to another. Uses include; Hat cam, Driving Cam, Hunting Cam (quickly move camera from hat to bow or gun) or any surface which magnets will stick to.

Package Includes:

  • ActionCamNX Mounting Sleeve
  • Mount Adapter
  • V Bar Mount
  • Magnet Mount
  • (4) Ty-Wraps
  • #2 Mounting Screw

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