Universal Adjustable Helmet Mount


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This mount can be used mount to the side or top of a helmet/surface.

ActionCam Helmet Mount

Right Angle Helmet Mt

This mount utilizes the standard tripod thread to mount to the camera. The base is flat and has 3M-VHB adhesive, it will contour slightly to a curved surface. It also has an adjustable velcro strap which can be used to mount thru the vents on a bicycle helmet or to use as tethers.

The adhesive base mounts permenantly to the item being mount to; the mount then slides on the base and snaps into place with a very positive snap!

The mount has a thumb screw and detents, so once mounted and pointed the camera position is repeatable using the quick release base.

Mount can be used for: Helmet mounted Camera, Dash mounted camera, Windshield mounted camera, or any other surface you can stick it to. This mount offers adjustment in multiple directions.

(Picture shown on right with velcro tether straps)


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