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(Actual video and screen shot from ActionCamNX with data overlay from RaceRender 3)

What makes the ActionCamNX one of the best action video cameras on the market? It's small size (not much bigger than a matchbox car), light weight, (under 2oz/55grams) ruggness, ease of use, (one button push has you recording awesome video, connecting to your computer is as easy as using a thumb drive) it's configurability makes it one of the most Versatile HD action video cameras. Couple all that with the power of RaceRender3 software and your data and you are creating powerful awesome videos of all your motorsports activities; at a fraction of the cost of other products.

ActionCamNX Racer Package Capabilities:

  • Proprietary Magnetic Mounting System (allows you to mount on any surface using magnet mounting disk)
  • Roll bar V Mount, can be mounted horizontal or axially
  • Helmet Mount, or any other horizontal or vertical mounting surface with full adjustability
  • Mount to any existing mount using the standard tripod mount (1/4-20 thread)
  • Mount to any existing GoPro mount using the GoPro adapter
  • Professional video editing (create effects, logos, watermarks, captions, credits, etc)
  • Merge with data to create professional, useful videos for training, tuning and analysis
  • High quality audio
  • Remote power "on/record" capable
  • Able to be used in all weather conditions with Weather Cover.
  • Over 50 user configurable settings via easy to use GUI (graphical user interface)
  • (2) LED recording indicators
  • Multiple camera capable
  • Over 2 hours of HD video recording with internal battery
  • External power capable (any USB power, +5v)
  • Configurable FOV (Field of View) narrow, standard & wide Angle
  • Configurable video resoultion
  • Configurable FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • Configurable Video File output

With this Racer Package you have everything you need to mount, and start capturing amazing HD footage wiith audio, then download, edit, add data and watch your videos. You also have everything you need to charge the camera. Nothing else is needed!!(There are some optional mounts for different activities)

Why is the ActionCamNX camera so versatile? Here are some of the uses: RaceCam, Dash Cam, Helmet Cam, Hunting, Skiing, Cycling, Snowmobiling, Motocross, Karting, Horseback Riding, Boating, Jet ski, Hands Free video recording, evidence recording, law enforcement, Documentation od processes, Manufacturing, TV, Training just to name a few.

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