ActionCam Stabilizer Bow Mount


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Right or Left Handed

ActionCamNX Bow Mount HD Video Camera

This small, compact, lite weight mount has a 5/16" slot which allows it to be mounted to the bow behind the Stabilizer. This turns your popular bow, PSE, Mathews, Hoyt, BowTech or Bear into a "Bow Cam" or "Hunting cam"; allowing you to record all your hunting experiences in full 1080HD video.

The mount is powder coated Steel, which allows the ActionCam to be mounted using the Triped Magnetic Mount (included in package). It has a "V" shaped receiver feature that mates with the Triped Magnetic Mount, which makes for quick mounting and pointing of the ActionCam.

Many Archers are using the HatClip, then when ready, transfer the ActionCam from the Hat to the Bow. (your hat is not pointing the direction of the bow when shooting.

Items Include:

  • Sturdy, Powder Coated mounting Bracket, (right or left)
  • Sorbothane vibration dampening/friction Pad
  • (4) S.S. Mounting spacers

Made in USA 

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