ActionCam Contour Tip Mount


Price: $29.95


The Contour Mount is ideal for mounting to curved surfaces, such as a Helmet or Fender. The unique living hinge design allows the base to easily deform and stays in place with double sided VHB adhesive. The Contour Mount fastens directly to the bottom of the ActionCam housing using a fastener. (included) The ActionCam can then be tilted for easy pointing, then secured in position with the knurled stainless steel thumb screw.

Mount Bases in different locations, then quickly and easily move the ActionCam from one location to another, or mount multiple ActionCams.

Allows ActionCam to be easily removed for charging or downloading to computer.

ActionCam Contour Mount includes:

  • (1) Contour Base with VHB Adhesive
  • (1) Knurled Stainless Steel Thumb Screw
  • (1) ActionCam Mount
  • (1) Thread Forming Screw, #2

Contour Bases available seperately. (allows quick & easy mounting in multiple locations)

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