ActionCam Mount (A La Carte)


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Magnet Mount


Crossbar "V" Mount


Threaded Adapter (1/4-20)


Housing accepts Wide-Angle Camera


This is the sleek, small, versatile mount used for the ActionCam. It allows the camera to be easily mounted in various applications and orientations, while still allowing easy removal. Mount also allows access to USB port to camera.

The unique housing design keeps the lens clean in dusty situations (see start of this video) with other cameras the remainder of the video would be junk due to the lens being covered with dust. The lens being recessed along with basic aerodynamic principles makes this possible.

Buy multiple mounts and install permanently in various locations and move camera between them.

Items Included:

  • ActionCam Holder with shock absorbing pads
  • (4) Ty-Wraps
  • ActionCam Sticker (large)

Optional Items:

  • Triped Magnet Mount (tested at over 130mph)
  • Crossbar "V" Mount
  • 1/4-20 Thread Adaptor (typical camera tripod mount)
  • GoPro Mount Adapter
  • Tip/Tilt Mount
  • Universal Mount
  • Suction Cup Mount (adjustable)
  • Weatherproof Cover and Replaceable Windows for wet conditions

For mounting instructions select Download tab for pdf document.



Made in USA 

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