ActionCam Tip/Tilt Mount


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This fully adjustable mount when used in conjunction with the standard ActionCam Holder that comes in the ActionCam HD Video Camera Packages and the ActionCam Mount Packages, allows mounting to most any flat, angled surfaces using a single #10-24 threaded fastener. (Thumb scr included)

This mount offers complete vibration isolation to high frequency, low amplitude vibration. Low frequency, high amplitude occelations (like a diving board) will not be helped. (see mounting info below)

Package Includes:

  • (1) Tip/Tilt Mount
  • (2) Sorbothane Dampening Disks
  • (1) Large Diameter Washer
  • (1) Mounting Thumb Screw
  • (1) Thread Forming Mounting Screw
  • Mounting Instructions

Good Mounting Practices: When mounting any video camera, it is recommended to locate as rigid of a mounting surface as possible. Long cantilevered or "Diving Board" type mounts are not recommended; if such a condition exists, the camera should be mounted as close to the fixed point as possible, i.e. point of least amount of movement. (closer to the tree trunk than the tip of the branch)

Finding the optimal position/settings requires trial and tuning. Example: with the (2) Dampening disks mentioned above, not tightening the mounting screw enough is not good and over tightening is not good either. Please contact PED for technical information regarding your mounting application.

Made in USA 

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