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The Ultimate DashCam Package, 32GB


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Base Pkg is 32GB

Widnshield Mount NX Dashcam


The ActionCamNX Ultimate Dashcam package is more than just your typical dashcam package! This camera is one of the smallest and most versatile HD video cameras on the market. The unique magnet mounting system allows the camera to be quickly and easily moved from one application to another, while being securely attached, i.e. from  dashcam to Hat Clip mount for high quality hands free video capture, or if you are a hunter, to your Stabilizer Bow mount (optional), or use the included adhesive back magnet mounting disk to any non-metallic surface, such as a fiberglass boat or Jet ski or to your dashboard. The possibilities are endless and limited by only your imagination!!

Magnet Mounting Allows for Easy Pointing

The camera is very easy to use and user configurable via the NXsetup software. But we ship the camera with a basic configuration that will satisfy most people's needs.

The Ultimate DashCam32 Package comes with everything you will need to install as a dashcam or use for hands free video recording to start capturing awesome HD video and audio. Check out some of the amazing sample videos Here. The following is a list of just some of the ways people are using their ActionCamNX:

  • Driving Recorder/evidence/insurance (car or motorcycle)
  • Motorsports, moto-cross, snowmobile, Jet Ski, Boating
  • Hunting, Gun, Bow, Crossbow
  • Paintball/Airsoft
  • Skiing,
  • RC/Drones/Quadcopter
  • Training, Coaching
  • Cycling/Biking
  • Ironman or Spartan competition
  • The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination!

The camera is very easy to use and watch videos; simple single button push recording with hands free or auto power on when used as a dashcam. Watching the videos is as easy as using a typical thumb drive; connect to your USB port, navigate to the folder with videos, drag them to your desktop, then double click and watch with most any media player.

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