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ProValue Car & Driver Package $406


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Product configuration

Handheld Radio
Blackbox Plus Professional 2-Way Radio UHF  $195.00
Blackbox Plus Professional 2-Way Radio VHF  $195.00
Universal Car Harness
IMSA 4C Road Race Long Car Harness  $97.00
NASCAR 3C Circle Track Long Car Harness  $95.00
Helmet Kit, Full Face
IMSA 4C Road Race Helmet Kit with Flex Boom  $89.00
NASCAR Style Helmet Kit W/Flex Boom  $89.00
Radio Jumper
Motorola 2 Pin Jumper  $21.00 
Challenger-II Race Ear Buds  $89.00 
Earmold Kit
Custom Earmold Kit  $19.00 
Velcro Mount Push-To-Talk  $47.00 
Radio Box
Radio Box (Plastic)  $21.00 

The ProValue Car & Driver Package includes everything you need to outfit your Car & Driver. This is $523 dollar value.


  • (1) Blackbox 4watt, 16 channel programmable UHF or VHF Radios, drop-in charger
  • Pro Style Challenger Earbuds
  • Custom Earmold Kit to make custom fit Earbuds
  • Helmet Kit, Full Face, NASCAR or IMSA style plug
  • Universal Car Harness, NASCAR or IMSA style plug
  • Radio Adaptor cord
  • PTT (Push-to-Talk) Switch, Velcro mount, Water/Dust proof
  • Plastic Radio Box and mounting hardware.
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Radio Programming
  • Free Shipping

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